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Best On page SEO stratagies to follow in 2015

As we all know search engine optimization is based on two things. 1> On Page Optimization and 2> Of page Optimization.

Many of us are very famiellear with this two terms but for many new comers and even for who are experience it is hard to get all the on page seo factors done correctly.

It is very important that we concentrate on on page seo at the start of our seo campaign because if we mess up our on page optimization it will be very hard for us to rank regarding how well we do our of page optimization.

Title optimization

Importance of Page Title on SEO

Page Title is the most valuable and important On-Page SEO factor for a website.

The typical length of Page Title is 70 including everything (alphabets, numbers, special characters, spaces etc.).

All pages within a website should have unique Page Titles with the most important targeted keyword/s for or about that page subject/topic.

One well optimized Page Title should start with the keyword/s instead of mentioning the keywords in the middle or at the end of the Title.

Use modifiers like best, top, advanced, year, list etc. in your Page Title which will help to rank high on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and to get better CTR (Click Through Rate).

Concentrate on one topic per page. Do not write similar contents on same topic with same or identical targeted keyword/s or keywords phrase/s on multiple pages.

Optimized Meta Description

Meta Descriptions are the 2nd most important on-page SEO factor after Page Title.

Meta Description plays two different roles on overall SEO. First, if properly and naturally optimized then it will help to get better ranking on SERP for specific keyword/s and secondly if it is well written without any grammatical or spelling errors and if it is appealing and sounds credible then it would deliver better CTR to a website.

Write natural Meta Descriptions mentioning the variation of primary keyword/s (for Bots) and describing the overall page topic (for humans) uniquely within 150 characters.

Each page within a website should have unique Meta Descriptions.

We can check duplicate Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords at Google Webmaster tool. On webmaster tool site dashboard click on Site Appearance and then on HTML improvements section we can check if we have any long, short or duplicate Meta tags or Page Titles.

Domain Name of the Website

Domain names can be utilized for SEO. We can select domain names with our primary keyword/s included in the domain which may naturally boost the ranking of the site. Though there are lots of controversies about this SEO strategy. Mostly small businesses or traders used to use this kind of exact match domain names but many of the SEO Gurus, SEO Bloggers and critiques think that this is unethical as it deceives the Search Engine.

Domain names with keywords are not brandable. So depending on the nature or type of the business, business demographic, target audience or other requirements, companies may or may not like to use domain names with keyword/s.

Make sure to use either www or non www version of your website’s domain name. Do not use both as Google and other Search Engines will see them as 2 different web pages with duplicate contents and furthermore the Page Rank of your website may get divided between the www and non www version.

Use either or Do not use or if they are same page/content as

We can take two different approaches to set the www and non www preference.

Either Use Google Webmaster’s Proffered Domain tool to tell Google which version of domain you want Google to crawl and reflect on SERP. On Webmaster tool site dashboard click on the gear icon then click Site Settings and then In the Preferred domain section, select your preferred domain option.

Or we can use .HTACCESS file to create a rewrite rule to point to your preferred version of the domain.

Search Engine Friendly URL Structure

Keyword rich URLs perform much better than non-optimized URLs on SERP. Always write Search Engine friendly URLs including your targeted keyword/s.

Do not write URLs like, rather use

Most of the blog engines have the option to write custom URLs or permalinks.

Depending on the technology or language we are using to build the web application we can take different approaches to format the URLs of a website.

Typically .HTACCESS files can be used to format URLs for better Search Engine Ranking.

Position of keywords in an URL matters a lot on SEO. Such as, will perform much better on SERP than

Make sure that 2 different or multiple URLs do not have same content. If it happens then either redirect them to the original page or use rel=canonical attribute.

Do not use underscores (_) or spaces as word separator rather use dashes (-) to separate multiple words in an URL. Read Matt Cutts on URL separator

For a typical static website with all .html or .htm pages, do save all the html pages with the keywords related to that page title or content or topic.

Write URLs as short as possible keeping the most relevant targeted keyword/s.

Optimized HTML Header Tags

HTML has six different Header Tags and they are numbered as per their HTML structural priority. Six header tags are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. Headers should appear in the html code as per their numbering. Means H3 cannot come before H2 in the website/page source code.

Header tags other than H1 are used as the heading of the content paragraphs and H1 is used as the page heading which tells search engines what the page content is all about.

Multiple H1 is not possible in a single webpage where as other header tags can occur multiple times in a site page.

H1 optimization is very important on On Page SEO. Use the variation of your primary keyword/s in the H1 tag. Optimize all other header tags with keywords and keyword variations topic wise.

Most of the CMS makes H1 same as the Page Title. Please consult your website developer to change that. Otherwise it can be an over optimization issue.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is very important for overall SEO. Using keyword/s naturally, throughout the page content helps search engines to understand what the page is all about. But do not over use keywords in the content. Keyword inclusion should come naturally but repetitive use of keywords can cause keyword stuffing or over optimization which can get a website penalized by Google or other search engines.

Try to put the targeted primary keyword/s within the first 150 – 200 words of the article. Early mentioning of the main keyword/s in the article supports the Page Title and H1 and helps in overall on site SEO.

Typical keyword density should be between 2% to 4% though it depends on various things like article size, business niche or type, competition level etc. Use different variations of keywords, long tail keywords, keyword modifiers across the content.

Break your entire content in multiple paragraphs with proper heading to reduce bounce rate and write long and valuable contents for your readers.

Image Optimization for SEO

Images are great to make a website or article pages more appealing and attractive to their site visitors.

Search Engines only understand texts not the pixels (images). So if we want to optimize images for SEO then we can do three things.

First save the image (image name) with keyword/s and separate each word with dashes (Keyword/s should be about the image topic).

Second, mention the proper image alt attribute and same as image name, alt attributes should be keyword centric but should not be out of the actual image topic.

And lastly use the image title attribute for Image optimization for SEO. HTML image titles are typically for human readers so it can be keyword/s rich but it should have human touch as well. Means image title should not be robotic rather inclusion of keyword/s in an image title should come naturally.

Outbound or External Links as a strategy of on page SEO

Most of the time we get confused whether to link an external site or not. We think that linking to a competitor site may hamper our business or we may lose our traffic. But the outbound linking concept is all about relevancy, further sharing valuable contents to our readers and building relationships.

Outbound links help search engines to better understand the topic of the article or the niche of business and thus external linking helps in SEO.

Be careful about whom you are linking to. We should link to a relevant page of a site with the only motive of adding more values to our reader’s knowledge and over all experience.

Impact of Internal Linking on OnSiteSEO

Internal linking between different pages within a website has couple of advantages.

It helps search engines to crawl different pages of a website easily when inter linked from different other pages.

Page Rank juice flows from the home page of a site to its other pages so Internal linking is one of the best SEO practices for smooth PR flow.

Inner linking to an old article page from a new and highly ranked article page within a site can further boost that old page ranking on SERP.

Interlinking between pages reduces the bounce rate as visitors have more options to navigate around the site for further relevant information or knowledge.

For best SEO results use keyword/s in the anchor text and title attributes of inner links. Anchor text of inner links should have relevant keywords related to both linking and linked pages.

Implement Rich Snippet – Schema

Though Rich Snippet does not have any direct impact on a site’s ranking on SERP but it has a very good result on CTR.

Schema and micro data are used to structure the content of a website properly so that Google and other search engines can identify and interpret certain elements or property of a business or website, easily and effectively. So if Google better understands a web page or the business itself, then they are more likely to rank higher for different keywords over time.

Rich Snippets help websites to standout in the search engine result page with some additional information (like review, rating, address etc.) which eventually attracts more clicks.

Certain types of businesses or websites like local businesses, restaurants, hotels, event management companies, travel companies etc. should implement schema and micro-data without any delay on their site. offers a list of different Rich Snippet mark ups for different types of businesses or websites which can be incorporated on a site easily.

Google provides a rich snippet testing tool which can be used to test and identify if there are any mark up or rich snippet structural problems or errors on a website/page.

Social Sharing and Social Signal – impacts on SEO

Use different social media sharing buttons like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest for better sharing of your contents over different social networking sites.

Use third-party social tools for seamless integration and sharing capabilities so that your readers can easily share your contents without any difficulties.

Use Facebook and Google+ Open Graph and Twitter cards for better user experience when someone copied and pasted your links on any of those social networking platforms.

Google provides rel=author and rel=publisher markups to show a profile or brand image alongside the regular search listing on SERP which helps to generate more credibility and CTR.

Making Websites Mobile Ready

With the increasing number of different devices, screen sizes and browsers, today it is very important to build a site responsive for mobile, tablet, laptop and as well as desktop users. As more and more people are using smart phones and tablets for searching, browsing and sharing contents on internet so if we do not have a responsive, mobile friendly website then we are going to miss the opportunity to reach to those huge reader or consumer base.

We have intentionally excluded Meta Keywords from this Onpage SEO check list as it is no longer important for SEO.
I hope, the above mentioned 12 points will help you in doing Onpage Optimization of your site or blog. Remember Search Engine Optimization is a cumulative result of different factors, so doing one thing rightly will not get you the expected results.Rather concentrate on all the points carefully, do them ethically and naturally and over time you will see good ranking of your website and other article pages on Google and other search engines.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Proper Keyword Research with adwords keyword tool

Keyword research is the starting point of seo and we cant thought of keyword research without adwords keyword tool. As we all know how the whole web is gating more and more bigger by the day and with that more people are searching through search engines. It means more and more keywords and more and more search result. But the problem is how to choose the best keywords that would help your business to rank high on the search engines. In this article you will find all of the important notes you need to start your keyword research as any kind of digital marketing campaign starts of with a proper keyword research.

adwords keyword tool

What is adwords keyword tool

Before starting any keyword result you have to know first what is google adwords keyword tool is all about. Now the name of the tool is adwords keyword planner. 

With this tool you can any kind of keyword research you just need to have a google account thats it. 

With this free tool anyone can search any keyword related to their business, you can also target your locality or you can also target a time prieod like one or two year.

 Basicly a to z information are there you just have to know how to use this for your business

Proper research with adwords keyword planner

To start any keyword research campaign or any kind of content related  keyword search you need to know what are the features of adwords keyword planner.
adwords keyword planner

 We have lots of option to choose from like selecting one keyword phrase or multiple keyword phrase and another important thing that we can do from keyword planner is that we can also select a date range of our search like one year or two year for example.

 You can also select a specific country or go more in details you also can select a specific location etc. Google has given us a great tool we just have to explore it into our favour to get the best from it.

Finding out few best keyword suggestion tool

Finding out the best keyword suggestion tool is very important for your business. Because every keyword suggestion tool is not google adwords keyword tool so you will not get a free acsess to them so you may need to buy some of them for your business. 
adword keyword tool

But before buying any keyword suggestion tool you need to know what keyword suggestion tool should help your business and what tool should not be useful to you. So here is a list of few of the best Keyword suggestion tool that can help your business
  • Market samurai
  • Word Tracker
  • Seo Book
  • Word Stream
  • Jaxee keyword Tool
  • Ubber Suggest

This are few of the best keyword research tool and one of them each have lots of features to choose from and its your choice to peak one out of those. But my suggestion to you would be that what ever you choose must do keyword research with keyword planner first.

Focasing on most searched keywords

The most searched keywords often are those keywords which should have high competition. So you have to be very careful what you choose in your keyword list . If it is a new site I can choose keyword phrase like this way
  1.  Low to Medium Competition
  2.  At list target 2000 average monthly searches keyword
  3.  Target a location if it is a local product or business
  4.  Focus on long tail keyword rather than short tail keyword
  5.  List your keyword in order of largest to smallest avg mnthly searches in a exel sheet
  6.  Put few Lsi keywords in your Content so google can identify your content.

Comparing few of the best keyword research tool

It is important for you to do a market research before you start any business. Just like that you have top do little research before you pick a paid keyword research tool. It is fine to go with the free staff but free things dont go great always.

 So for some times you may need to have a paid keyword research tool to get more data about your business. Their are lots of great paid keyword research tools. And to chose one out of them can be a hectic job as you can easily get confused between what to choose and what to not. 

A comparison of multiple keyword research tool can help you to short out what is best for your business. Then after that you will understand your self what is important to you and what is not that beneficiary for your business.

Use Google for your Lsi keyword result

This search engine giant needs no introduction and they also have the best free keyword research tool the adwords keyword tool. Currently google are geting smarter and smarter each day their algorithm is changing so fast. So it is very important that you check google before finalysing your keyword research.
keyword suggestion tool
 Means after you finalise your keywords go to google and check what is coming out from those keywords. How many quality sites are their in top two or three pages so you can understand who will be your competitor and what work you have to give to take that place fropm your competitors. Another thing you can check in google is that LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Keywords). 

most searched keywords

When we search some thing in google search box google gives us clue or to say more specificly more information related to our searches that is what Lsi keyword is. We can also find related Lsi keywords in the bottom of that page. So why I am focusing on lsi keyword because this keywords are already in google storage so if you use those keywords google can figure out what is your content is all about very easily and it may iven help you to rank quickly. 

There is a another important thing you have to focus here is nowdays google are focusing on whats is in our mind rather then what we are typing in the search phase and this is going to be a very important factor in the coming days of google search and its search result.


So I hope any one who read this article can get lots of extra knowledge reagarding their keyword research. I have tried to put all the points that would help you to understand what is keyword research and how the keyword research is changing and what are the right way to doing keyword research nowdays. As we all know internet and the online market is changing all the time so its important for all of us to follow the wright path and do what is best for our business.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Digital Marketing Agency India - The Future is here

Digital marketing agency India is the newest trend, and it is becoming a very powerful way of marketing and advertising in India. A digital marketing company in India has many benefits over a Traditional marketing company.can get lazor targeted customer for his business. For this kind of facilities we can see a huge increase in digital marketing company in India.

digital marketing agency India

Digital marketing company in India - The growth and future

Those days are gone when modern technology and newest trend take a long time to come in India. Nowadays India is a modern country. So the same change is also noticeable among all the digital marketing agencies in India. Many of digital marketing company in India has managed to turn their losses into huge profits because of the rapidly growing popularity in this market. It is not just only about the digital marketing companies, many of traditional marketing companies are moving their business towards digital marketing.

digital marketing India

Digital marketing India vs Traditional marketing India

To compare Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing India, first we have to understand what is digital marketing and what is traditional marketing.Digital marketing is based on three main things.

  • Technology Driven

First of all it's Technology driven, means various channel we used to deliver digital marketing massages are gona vary really heavily the way we communicate using those channels. Every channel has their own specific strengths and we can implement them alone to significant affect or together as a large part of digital marketing strategy. Creating this kind of multy channel environment, we can use email, web, social some of the best web channels will work together to form a digital marketing eco system. Each one of this channel is driven by the technology its used to processed it.

  • Relationship powered

Relationship with your costumer is very important for any business. It helps the business to grow and also built a loyal costumer base. In digital marketing its like engaging with your costumer and the other hand the costumer is also happy.

  • Data driven

A digital marketing company in India is always data driven, means their is no guess work in digital marketing. A to Z information about your business will be at your fingertips if you do the correct analysis. You will get to know who is your costemur, who are buying your product, how many people are coming to your landing pages etc. So with every correct data is available for you,that is one of the huge advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

In the other hand traditional marketing is mainly based on Television, Radio, newspaper and magazine. And each of this medium has a problem in them. Let check some stats.

  • Around only 18%-20% of generate positive ROI.
  • 90% of viewer who can skip ads do.


  • Around 2%-3% declining audience from last year


  • Your ads only live for one day


  • Very much costly
  • Its take 5-12 weeks of lead time
Now see the various channels of digital marketing stats

  • Content generates 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing
  • Cost around 60% less than traditional marketing


  • Average Delivery Rate is around - 95%
  • Average Open Rate is around - 25%-27%
  • Average Click Through Rate is around - 4%-5%

Social Media

  • Growing audience.
  • Has a great ROI.

Digital marketing agency in India – The best ones

Here is a list of few of the top Digital marketing companies in India.

  • Webchutney ( located in Mumbay a top digital marketing company in India.
  • BC Web Wise ( in Mumbay India
  • Avignyata Inc (www.avignyata) in Mumbay India
  • Sparrowi ( in New Delhi India
  • Blue Digital ( located in New Delhi is a very well known digital marketing agency in India
  • Sweet Digital ( is one of the best among digital marketing services in India
  • Social Media India ( in Hyderabad India
  • Flare Path ( located in Bangalore a popular digital marketing company in India.
  • Alive Now ( in Bangalore
  • Techshu ( in Kolkata is a very good digital marketing agency in India
  • Softz Solutions ( in Kolkata

Digital Marketing jobs in India 

Currently we are in a time of revolution. This is the time of web, we can find any answer of our questions in the web. Basically the whole world is using the web, just like that many digital marketing companies are also trying to use the web for their business. One other good thing about digital marketing is that anyone can do freelancing work from their home. So this open a huge platform for any one who does not want to join any digital marketing company in India, can do freelancing work from home.

Digital marketing India

Bright Future of digital marketing in India

The future of digital marketing in India is very bright at this point of time. We can assume that in the coming days digital marketing will go to a new high in India. In the upcoming days we can see television as a medium of digital marketing, and the best part of the digital marketing is that is an ever changing market. In near future we can expect some new discoveries that will change the world of marketing for ever.